10 steps to a better cup of coffee

Madey Edlin



  1. Heat your mug. Fill your mug with boiling water before while your coffee is brewing. This helps keep the quality of the coffee, as well as keeps your coffee warmer much longer.
  2. Buy whole beans to grind right before brewing.
  3. Keep your coffee beans in a sealed container
  4. Try using honey as a sweetener
  5. Use a French press
  6. Commonly a French press is brewed for 4 minutes, I like a 3 minute French press
  7. Keep a collection of mugs you really like
  8. NEVER add butter to coffee, trust me, don’t do it
  9. Use the appropriate grind for the method of brewing that you’re using (always coarse for French press)
  10. Always drink coffee over tea


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